The comeback

About four years ago I opened this blog with the desire to become famous off of beauty blogging and vlogging. But who knew so much could happen in the matter of a mere four years? I went through some rough times while I was gone; thus I apologize for disappearing along with my articles. However, if there’s anything I’ve learned while I was gone, it was that no matter how hard you try you will not succeed at something you can not describe as “purposeful.” Today’s digital world shows you the laughter in one’s snapchat account, the popularity of one’s twitter account, and the posh items in their Instagrams. This fake image provides no insight into improvement. Thus this time around I won’t take the time just to follow trends or celebrities (I still plan on posting some of this content due to popularity), but I will present to you my own raw experiences and the lessons I’ve learned from them. I truly believe social media has become a form of  “sweet poison” for our younger generations, and I’d like to attempt to change that a bit.

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