The Top 10 Mistakes Students Make During Their Freshman Year

  • Not eating a balanced diet 
    Growing up with an Indian family, it was easy to forget about the worries of eating. Mummy did that for us! Indian moms are pros at cooking homemade food every day for breakfast lunch and dinner, as well as making sure the whole family eats on time. But now you cant take Mummy Ji to college with you…  Going from whole grain roti to white bread at the dinning hall will make you gain weight! So be sure to learn how to cook from your mom, or if you live close enough ask her to pack your food every 2-3 days.


  • Not knowing when to say NO
    Whether it’s your friends begging you to go to a club meeting or your best friend waiting on facetime you will always be faced with tough choices. There are a million fun things to do, and a million people convincing you to waste time with them. Learn to say no, it’s okay to put yourself first. Events pop up every week in college, but your midterm exam only pops up once that semester, who will you say yes to?


  • Not keeping a Planner
    I can’t survive without a planner! I need to know what I’m doing all week in advance, so I don’t get distracted from work or miss out on the fun! A planner can help you remember dates and learn time management. Not everything has to be all work or all fun, as long as you learn to manage your time!


  • Coming in with a set major
    Yes, they make you pick a major during applications, but the truth is if you force yourself to stick to one thing you’ll question yourself later. You don’t want to be a 40-year-old business woman who came back to fill in pre-reqs for MED school. Explore your first semester, and talk to your advisor about the courses you enjoy, this should be a guiding line for them. For example, I have always hated plant related biology, and chemistry isn’t my favorite either. However, I love human biology anatomy and physiology; also I had a love for psychology. After a lengthy conversation with my academic advisor, I was set on a Neuroscience major! No matter how ridiculous or specific your likes are, there is always a major out there for you!


  • Too much coffee
    You would think coffee is the solution to everything, and for a while it is. But the headache reliefs and energy bursts coffee gives are just temporary. It’ll end up that you got a sugar rush with the help of coffee, that faded off to turn into a sleepy energy deprived mood. Moreover, coffee before studying for an exam is horrible for you! as in many cases caffeine causes anxiety. Try something different like jade citrus mint tea from Starbucks; the citrus provides a boost in immune health while the mint refreshes you!


  • Not joining clubs
    College is quicker than you’d expect. In a blink, you’ll be getting ready to write a grad school application, and that’s where your sorority won’t cut it. A major related club is an asset to add to your application. It shows schools that you put in the time to do what you love and enjoy it enough to start applying it! The best way to build up your application is to begin freshman year. Before you even get to college keep a list of 3 sororities, two major related clubs, and two clubs of interest. It seems like a lot, but you won’t have time for it all and will end up eliminating what’s not important by the end of the year. The point is to explore everything enough, that you find one or two things you can passionately write about on applications.


  • Not going planning out a schedule for the next 4 years
    Having a schedule planned for the next four years will allow you to stay on top of your game when it comes to picking classes. You’ll know exactly what to choose when, and this decreases the chances of you missing out on a requirement because you’re waiting on an advisor. Moreover, it also gives you a sense of direction for the next 4 years.


  • Keeping up the fake smile
    College is far! You don’t always have to hide that lousy quiz grade or that drama with your friends. If you involve your parents a bit more in your life rather than pushing them away with a fake smile, chances are they will come to understand and conform to your ways a bit more. Plus, parents are the friends that can’t gossip about you! So your secrets always stay safe…


  • Study Groups
    STUDY GROUPS ARE A HORRIBLE IDEA. I have no idea which crazy human invented these, but study groups are a distracting mess! You might go in with a study mindset… but in a 7 person group; 3 people will be clueless and ask you questions, 2 will come to watch Netflix, and 2 will distract you all! with MEMES….


  • Forgetting about your hobbies
    College is busy, and finding your place in the world is hard. However, your hobbies are what keep you sane. Always take an hour a week to keep yourself unique and do what makes you happy! Swim, write, paint, run, shop! Do whatever it is that keeps your heart free, after all, you only live once.


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