Janhvi Kapoor Dhadak Makeup; look like Janhvi Kapoor step by step !

  • Prep the face with a moisturizer and a primer. A good primer pick is thepore professional primer.As you apply each layer of product, let the coat prior dry!
  • Start by applying a foundation for a base. Hello Happy Foundation by benefit is a good pick!
  • Conceal under eyes with Maybelline age rewind concealer and blend it to match the face naturally.
  • Let it dry! The best way to avoid the cake face is to let products dry!
  • Use a cream contour stick (I use the Maybelline fit me foundation stick in coconut)   and make a light line going diagonally from the base of your cheekbone following down its natural curve and stopping where your eyes start. Draw a light line under your jawline to give it a sharper look, and also the corners of your forehead if it is too large in your opinion. Blend all the cream contour with a stiff headed brush. Make sure to blend up when on your cheekbone area and forehead. However, blend down on your jawline!
  • Use a blush, right above your contour and blend it out to touch your contour. I recommend any blush from the NARissist wanted cheek palette, depending on your skin tone.
  • Use the benefit gimme brow gel to set your eyebrows.
  • For eyes use a light brown eyeshadow as a base (naked basics color primal works best!), follow that with a pink color that matches your blush for the crease and blend the eyeshadows to avoid harsh lines.
  • Then, use a brown kajal and line your eyelash baseline, I recommend the loreal smoldering eyeliner. Now, use a thin-tipped brush to smudge your line.
  • Finally, take a brown eye brush pen and create a winged tip, I recommend the Kat Von D tattoo liner in brown.
  • End the look with a pink lip! I recommend the Givenchy lipstick linked here.


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