What Every College Student Forgets To say To Their Mom…

You know it is sad, that human nature makes us so scared to love openly. That we often forget to tell those whom we love the most, why we love them, or even that we do love them. And in this world of relationships and fast-paced careers, we get blinded by the city lights and forget that before all this, in the very beginnings of our time we were first shown love by our mothers. Every daughter’s first best friend and every son’s first love, a mother is someone who is special to all. And we often forget that it doesn’t need to be Mother’s Day to appreciate your mom. So here is what I would like to say to my mother today, and I know many will be able to relate… so do share some love today with your mom. 

Dear Mom,

I apologize if I don’t take every chance I have to say I love, I apologize if sometimes I act like I don’t, I apologize for the times I made your life harder. 

But I love you. So much. Unconditionally.

I love you even when I am arguing with you over the silliest thing just to prove a point. I know you are always right but I have to show you that I have my own voice, that I have my own words, that I don’t have to follow everything you say even if it’s the right thing. I’m trying to learn from my own mistakes. I’m trying to be myself — just like you taught me.

I love you even when I hide things from you or keep secrets from you. I don’t want you to worry about me. I know you won’t sleep at night, so I’m sparing you the anxiety. I keep things from you because I love you not because I don’t trust you. And trust me, you’ve got nothing to worry about. I got this.

I love you even when I don’t agree with your decisions. You’re too kind sometimes, too forgiving, too understanding, too gentle and too accommodating and it drives me crazy. But I understand why you do it, I understand how big your heart is and how strong you are and I understand why you don’t want to leave people feeling unloved.

I sometimes forget that you know what you’re doing, I sometimes forget that your wisdom and love surpasses what my heart can feel and what my mind can comprehend.

I love you even when I’m mad at you. Even when I don’t think you make sense. Even when I tell you that I don’t like you, I love you. Your words hurt more because they’re true and sometimes I want to believe my lies. I know they’re lies but they make me feel better. Let me believe them sometimes, I will figure them out later. I promise.

I love you even when I’m away, when I go weeks without seeing you. I miss you even though I don’t always tell you.

Your hug still warms me up the most and my tears somehow dry faster in your arms. I love you because your love is still and will always be the greatest love anyone has ever given me.

I’m sorry if I don’t tell you I love you more often, I’m sorry if I sometimes forget that you need love also, that you want to be nurtured too, and that you need to be taken care of instead. I forget because you never ask for it, you’re always giving and loving as if your satisfaction comes from the love you give rather than the love you receive.

I love you even if you never ask for my love. I love you because you’re the reason why I’m living and you’re the reason why I’m surviving. So if I get too rebellious or too busy or too stubborn, just remember that I love you.

So if I ever forget to say it when you need to hear it the most….I love you.

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