New Year, New you? New me?

Part of what makes New Year’s Eve hard for a lot of people is our odd ability to hang on to the irrelevant past. We are still so upset about what didn’t happen when we weren’t given the chance, and we hold onto that. We cradle it in our arms and try to wake it back up into existence. Wouldn’t it be easier to accept that time will continue to move, and we have to move with it? But see why New Years? I enjoy the mindset people trick themselves into, that it’s a fresh start and everything can be different. In reality (and we all know this) nothing changes just because you got a new calendar and the clock struck 12. You’re still you, everything that has happened to you still clings to your soul. Nothing’s different. You’ll be the exact same person on January 1st as you were on December 31st. So if you choose to agree with me on this, then start your goals this month. Make your list, let things go, and restart even if it’s still December.

Here’s my list, I started. Will you?

1. Learn to take constructive criticism with grace and gratitude.

2. But don’t allow others to bully your sense of self and worth.

3. Tell the people you love why you love them and do it without it being a holiday or special occasion.

4. Understand that growth isn’t always linear and beating yourself up for “not being where you should be by now” is a toxic and fake construct placed on you by society.

5. In fact, go ahead and delete the entire idea of what “you should be here by now” is from your brain.

6. Don’t spend time with people who don’t reciprocate your love, care, or friendship. 

7. Choose a form of exercise you enjoy (not one that makes you miserable just because it’s supposed to be effective).

8. Invest in a skill you’ve always wanted to explore and take a class in it.

9. Apply to that job you’ve convinced yourself you aren’t qualified for.

10. Unfollow social media accounts that make you feel like shit.

11. Take ownership for your mistakes.

12. But also, forgive yourself for being human.

13. Make a concise step-by-step plan on how to achieve your next goal, be it big or small.

14. Practice appreciating your body not for its appearance, but for all the intricate, weird, and amazing things it does for you daily.

15. Tell a trusted loved one something you’ve held inside for too long.

16. Every now and then, switch out Netflix for a book.

17. Learn how to disagree with someone without exploding into an argument.

18. Put your phone away when you’re having lunch with a friend.

19. Reach out to someone you’ve wronged and tell them you’re genuinely sorry without expecting anything in return.

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