Brows In A Mess ?

I’ve always had full thick brows, and for a long time I thought fixing them wasn’t needed as long as I waxed or threaded regularly. But then college hit, and some weeks there was no time to walk, drive, or Uber to the nearest threading salon. Luckily for me after some heavy research (a lot of youtube videos) and a significant amount of practice I was able to learn an easy hack to cut my trips to the threading salon in half!

tools needed;

  1. Eyebrow pencil with spoolie at the end
  2. concealer
  3. brow gel

Start by using the spoolie, brush all the hair on your eyebrows up while moving outgrown pieces to the side. Use an eyebrow pencil that matches your hair color or is slightly darker. The biggest mistakes girls make when fixing their brows is pressing the pencil in too much or merely coloring in their eyebrows without any thought. The key to a perfect brow is just to line the brow lightly, while holding the pencil in the middle for a more natural effect. If you color in your brows, it will cause more attention to go towards your stray hair.

Use a concealer that is just one shade lighter to your skin. Simply line the brow right under and over. Make sure to cover any stray hair so it will be less noticeable.

Finally, use a brow gel to set your brows in place.

Note** This method will only work if your growth isn’t too much*

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